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Chris Bosh remains NBA’s top videobomber, utilizes daughter to victimize Dwyane Wade (video)


With the dearth of sports news in the wake of the end of the NFL season, we thankfully have Chris Bosh and his madcap videobombing ways. Not only did the Miami Heat star help fill the vacuous void that is part and parcel of the annual Super Bowl hangover, he even raised his videobombing game a notch or two by including his adorable daughter in his antics.

After the Heat dispatched the Detroit Pistons by a score of 102-96 at AmericanAirlines Arena, Dwyane Wade was conducting a post-game, on-court interview. This provided Bosh, with his daughter in tow, a perfect opportunity to drop some videobomb knowledge on his teammate.

Good stuff. Keep the videobombs coming, Chris Bosh. At least until March when the sports world starts to pick up again. Bloggers need your silly antics now more than ever.