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Guy who got a Super Bowl XLVIII champs Seattle Seahawks tattoo posts selfie during game (pic)


It’s better to be lucky than smart, which is exactly what Tim Connors probably is thinking in light of the outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII.

As you may recall, Connors was the die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan who got a tattoo on his forearm proclaiming that his beloved seabirds would be crowned Super Bowl champions … at the beginning of the season.

“I don’t want to say they have it in the bag, but I’m pretty confident,” Connors told on Friday.

Connors was ripped by some Seahawks fans but claims most of his fellow “12th Man” members supported his inked prediction.

“I think some Seahawks fans were mad at me when they thought I had just got it,” Connors said. “But when they realized I actually had it done in August, they kind of backed off.”

Obviously, things turned out very, very well for Connors, and he posted a selfie from his seat at MetLife Stadium at a point late in the game when Seattle’s savage beat down of the Denver Broncos made the game a laugher made the outcome of the game a certainty.

Connors should feel incredibly grateful that his decision to get a Super Bowl champs tattoo demonstrated a incredible amount of prescience. Either that or he’s supremely lucky. Probably the latter.