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Seattle Seahawks fans ain’t flying the friendly skies out of San Francisco airport (photo)


Oh, snap! Above is a boarding sign at the San Francisco International Airport that any Seattle Seahawks fans attempting to board a flight to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Whether the Seahawks fans attempting to depart San Fran were headed to New York/New Jersey to watch the game in person or to soak up the spectacle and the sights and the scenes of the town hosting the Big Game, it didn’t matter. According to this sign, they would have to wait until all other passengers have boarded first. That’s coldblooded, man. Cold—-blooded!

Come on, San Francisco airport people. Where’s the love and the ability to let things go? Clearly, some folks employed at the airport must be still stinging from the hometown team’s loss to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game.

While it is not a perfectly fitting retort, here’s how Seahawks fans should emulate cornerback Richard Sherman and respond to the boarding shenanigans as follows:


Oh, snap, indeed. They probably would have been treated far better had they been boarding this Boeing jet regaled in Seahawks livery.