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Seattle and Denver are having a Super Bowl-themed weed showdown (photo)


Given the states that the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos call home easily have the most progressive marijuana laws in the country by a wide margin, it’s no surprise that weed has become a prevalent talking point leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII. So much so that even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell cracked a joke during his “State of the League” address on Friday about how he has to take drug tests.

And now, thanks to TMZ, we have evidence that both cities have gone custom ganja crazy this week, as marijuana dispensaries in both cities are sellingĀ  Super Bowl-themed pot.

You can smoke “Richard Sherman OG” from Rain City Medical in Seattle — which will also be passing out Seahawks colored weed-infused popcorn to munch on during the game.

Meanwhile, Kind Meds dispensary in Denver is featuring a “Big Bad Broncos” strain … “Agent Orange Kush” … and even “Bruised Seahawks” — so Broncos fans can literally smoke the opposition.

And for the stoners who aren’t into Bruno Mars … both stores are offering half-price specials at half-time — in case anyone needs to stock up during the game.

What? No mention of “Beast Mode” bud? What a bummer, man.

And Bruno Mars? Not cool, dude. Not cool. Yeah, I wrote it. I don’t like Bruno Mars. Does that make me a square, a hater or a hipster? Or all of those? It’s so confusing.