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Pete Carroll beats New Jersey traffic by hitching ride on State Police boat (photo)

Pete Carroll is a man of action and possesses a cocky confidence that is exhibited in his trademark bravado. He is also a man who abhors convention and is always looking for a way to do something better, no matter what the situation.

The Seattle Seahawks head coach also demonstrated his ability to adapt as he faced a dire situation when planning his trip into New York City from New Jersey on Friday.

Fearful of running late due to the notoriously dreadful traffic in the region (all Chris Cristie jokes aside), Carroll took charge — or the New Jersey State Police did — and hopped aboard a State Police boat and headed into NYC on the water, not the road.

He then thanked New York’s Finest for an escort once he hit the NYC streets.

What a maverick that Pete Carroll is, right? The only bad part of this story is how it reminded me of “Striking Distance,” that terrible movie from 1993 starring Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker. Sure, that film’s setting was Pittsburgh, but it had something to do with cops on boats. Or something like that. I’ve thought enough about it already.

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