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Mark Cuban, David Stern kiss and make up on NBA commissioner’s last day (photo)

Now that’s just adorable. As anyone who has followed the NBA over the many years the two have barely coexisted and witnessed the often- antagonistic relationship between Mark Cuban and David Stern, the fact that the longtime NBA commissioner is riding off into the sunset must be a bittersweet day for the Dallas Mavericks owner.

As SB Nation notes, Cuban has been fined over $2 million by the NBA during Stern’s tenure, but more often than not, Cuban knew what was coming before the fines were levied. That’s just how a billionaire with a flair for the dramatic and a big mouth can roll, I guess.

On Friday, Stern’s last day in office, the two got together and posed for a charming photo in which it is clear that the guys are more frenemies than anything else.

And so wrote Cuban on his post on Instagram: “Celebrating the commissioners final day in the office. Yes we are.. CLOSE friends”

What a run these two have had. While it may have been that one wanted to wring the other one’s throat on frequent occasions, there’s nothing but love between these two. Were they nemeses, rivals, antagonists to the other? Sometimes. But their enduring friendship? That will last forever.