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Dustin Pedroia makes an articulate and compelling case for the existence of Sasquatch

Dustin Pedroia

While using the terms “articulate” and “compelling’ may be a bit of stretch when describing the argument set forth by  Dustin Pedroia in which he espouses his belief in the existence of Sasquatch — Bigfoot to the layperson — one cannot argue with the Boston Red Sox second baseman passion for the topic.

Pedroia is a Sasquatch advocate of some renown, not to mention and aficionado of its legend and well-versed in its lore. So much so that his birthday cake last year was Bigfoot-themed:

And when you take the time to hear him out, Pedroia makes some good points. And by “good,” of course a “little out there” is implied.

During an appearance on’s Rob Bradford podcast on Monday, Pedroia shared how his upbringing in Woodland, Calif., helped shape his views on the mysterious species.

Via FOX Sports:

“I went up to the Redwoods when I was a kid,” Pedroia said while bantering with Bradford. “My dad wanted to show me when you drive through the Redwood tree and all that stuff, and they had a big, like a [Sasquatch] museum deal. They’ve got photos [of Sasquatch]. They’ve got all kinds of stuff, man, so I’ve been on the search, man.”

The search for the mysterious creature can prove to be difficult path to trek. But that won’t dissuade Pedroia. After all, just think about all the logical evidence proving Sasquatch’s existent on the most reliable of sources, the Internet?

“Google some things,” Pedroia told Bradford during Monday’s podcast. “This isn’t like a made-up creature that’s like 20 feet tall. This isn’t a movie. OK, Rob? This is real life, man. They’re out there. It kind of has your body frame.”

But don’t believe the Sasquatch deniers, says Pedroia. He even mentioned during the podcast that he heard some guy shot a Sasquatch once. He also relayed that he is an avid fan of Spike TV’s 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. So you know he’s serious about his Bigfoot bravado.

The truth is out there. You just have to know where to look for it.

“I don’t have time to argue with you, but how come in like 1980, Washington had a Bigfoot on like their state deal?” Pedroia asked Bradford. “You know like, ‘Welcome to California’ — they’ve got the yellow flower thing — or ‘Welcome to the Sunshine State’ or whatever? (Washington) had a picture of Bigfoot on theirs. How come they had that, Rob?”

Of course Pedroia doesn’t have time to argue about it on some highfalutin podcast. He’s got Sasquatches to track. Spring training is coming up quickly and time is wasting.

(Full Disclosure: When I was in college, I took a class where one of the projects was to prepare a presentation disproving something from the worlds of the paranormal or pseudoscience or what have you in order to sharpen critical thinking skills and learn to view things with a measured degree of skepticism. My topic was Sasquatch. In the end, I stood there in front of the class and professor and essentially stated, “After researching the topic extensively, I now believe there is a possibility that Sasquatches may exist.” Can’t remember what I got for a grade for that train wreck.)

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