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Wow, Wes Welker! How the biggest stars of Super Bowl XLVIII would look with pixie cuts (photos)


Yikes, now that’s a look that would make Knowshon Moreno weep ginormous tears.

Now that we’re up to our necks in Hollywood awards season, a magical time of year that always coincides with the NFL season sadly winding down with the playing of another Super Bowl, the folks over at have treated us with yet another dazzling display of Photoshop whimsy.

Previously, through their photo-editing wizardry, Mandatory has imagined what some NFL players would look like as bald men, how NFL stars would appear if they engaged in transvestism and what NBA stars would look like if they had played in the heady and hairy and groovy days of the ABA era.

And now, how some of the prominent players from the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks would look if they sported pixie haircuts, the new look of the moment popularized by the glamorous gals of the glitterati, including Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, among others.

First up, the quarterbacks who will battle it out on the gridiron at MetLife Stadium, Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning.

russell-wilson-pixie-cut peyton-manning-pixie-cut

Looking good, guys. Next up, head coaches John Fox and Pete Carroll:

john-fox-pixie-cut pete-carroll-pixie-cut

You can almost imagine Carroll trying to pull off this look. Fox? Not so much.

Finally, just for kicks, here’s how Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker would look with rocking the pixie style:


Huh. Welker doesn’t really look that much different. Too bad he didn’t have the doctor who put in his hair plugs add a little bit more up front.

Be sure to head over to for more pixie-style madness, including how it looks on Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch and others.