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Tony Parker may have made the worst free throw attempt in the history of basketball (video)

San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, who has in all likelihood played basketball since he learned to walk, made arguably the worst free throw attempt in the history of basketball during a game against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night.

Not since James Naismith hung a peach basket on a gym wall in Springfield, Mass. in 1891 has a free throw attempt looked so ugly. Uncoordinated Hacks chucking up free throws in their driveway haven’t looked this bad.

Of course, the above statement is made in light of the considerable skill Parker routinely demonstrates on the court. No one who as good at basketball as Tony Parker should ever miss a free throw that badly.

The 15 feet that spans the free throw line to the basket? Parker’s shot made it about six of those feet.

In all seriousness, despite the argument set forth above, it is clear that something occurred that caused Parker to miss so badly. Either his hand slipped, he became distracted or a myriad of other possibilities caused this scene to transpire. Whatever it was, Parker was allowed to re-shoot the technical free throw. Which he made.

And yet, it is nevertheless amusing to watch. Haha, Tony Parker. You missed a free throw badly and we all saw it. Have fun living the rest of your life in shame as you count the millions of dollars you have made while thinking about all those NBA titles you have won.