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Seattle Seahawks-themed plane performs '12' flight pattern over Eastern Washington (photos)


On Wednesday, Boeing unveiled a 747-8 freighter plane painted in Seattle Seahawks livery that features the team’s name, logo and a No. 12 on the tail to salute the team’s famed “12th Man” fan base.

The plane currently is only being used for flight testing, and on Thursday, it took to the skies for a very special flight.

After being rolled out of its hangar at Paine Field in Everetton, Wash., for a flight to Seattle on Wednesday, the Seahawks-themed jet departed for Seattle, landing at Boeing Field on Thursday. It then took flight for a cruise around Eastern Washington.

That’s when things got cool … and pattern-ey.

Yep, the plane set a course by which it flew in the shape of the No. 12, another nod to the aforementioned “12th Man.”

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It’s like a Etch-a-Sketch in the sky, man, only the tool is a multimillion jet instead of your stupid uncoordinated fingers that can’t even draw a decent circle. Trust me, I know how that goes.

But seriously, that’s some crazy stuff. Even crazier? If the plane would have really kicked it up a notch and did a flight pattern in the image of Pete Carroll’s regal visage. Or Marshawn Lynch chowing on a bag of Skittles. Or Richard Sherman screaming at Erin Andrews. Or Russell Wilson, um, doing something really nice or answering questions on his American Family Insurance app. Now those images would have been something. And unduly complex.

Still, the N0. 12 is pretty far out. It truly puts to shame how that gal drew a penis — and later a vagina — on a football field with the Nike+ app.

According to Flight Aware, it took five-and-a-half hours to complete the route. Some additional interesting factoids about the big ol’ jet airliner (via

  • Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s longest pass this season, 80 yards (240 ft.), was almost the same length as a 747-8 fuselage (243.5 ft.)
  • Russell Wilson threw for 3,357 yards (10,071 ft.) this season, similar to the runway takeoff distance for a 747-8 (10,650 ft.)
  • Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin can dash the full length of the 747-8 main deck, 180 ft., in less than seven seconds
    Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch can squat with 16 economy seats (30 lbs. per seat)
  • A 747-8 Freighter can carry 121 million Skittles candies, or 302,400 one lb. bags
  • It would take 144 747-8 passenger airplanes (Intercontinentals) to carry all the Seahawks fans in CenturyLink Field (67,000 seats)
  • The 747-8 can cover the length of a football field in one second at takeoff
  • Seahawks fans’ Guinness World Record for crowd noise is approximately 38 times louder than the 747-8 at departure