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Paulina Gretzky’s brief cameo in TaylorMade commercial is short, sweet and sexy (video)


A few weeks ago, Paulina Gretzky provided a photographic tease (above) on Instagram of an upcoming appearance in a commercial for TaylorMade.

The commercial featuring Miss Gretzky was posted on TaylorMade’s YouTube page on Thursday, and while Gretzky’s teaser photo is an accurate representation of exactly how her unique set of skills were utilized in the 30-second spot, the photo did not provide any indication of just how much she would be utilized.

Which is not much.

Of course, a little Paulina Gretzky — who just so happens to be the betrothed to TaylorMade endorser Dustin Johnson — goes a long way. To wit:

The commercial itself is a tease of the company’s “Speed Police,” which is described as follows:

The TaylorMade Speed Police were formed to eradicate any and all clubs without a low, forward center of gravity. Anyone still playing outdated clubs will be brought to justice by this fearsome foursome.

Forget about this so-called “fearsome foursome,” TaylorMade. More Paulina Gretzky commercials — with more of her in them — is how product is going to be moved more readily.

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