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Nightmare Fuel: Here’s Marshawn Lynch constructed out of balloons, everyone (photo)


Yikes. While in and of itself, this photograph is an adorable image of a mother and daughter posing in front of a balloon sculpture. It’s the balloon sculpture itself that changes this from a nice family moment into an image of foreboding terror.

Yep, that’s a Marshawn Lynch balloon sculpture. It is frightening. And while it is a terrifying creation, one cannot help but marvel at the craftsmanship that went into creating this harbinger of inflatable dread.

Beast Mode? More like, um, I guess Beast Mode still works.

Good luck getting the image of out of your mind as you descend into Dreamland tonight. Thanks, Marshawn Lynch Balloon Man, for helping me conquer my childhood fear of that sinister clown puppet thingy from “Poltergeist.” By replacing it in my nightmares.

The funniest part — if there is one — about the Marshawn Lynch Balloon Man is he probably would interact with the media better . Then again, anything that comes out of his mouth probably would be a bunch of stale air, right?

[H/T Sporting News, image via @Katie_16146]