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Derrick Coleman meets hearing impaired pen pal, surprises her, twin sister with SB tickets (video)

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In a brilliant end to a phenomenal story, Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman at long last met the young girl with who he had become virtual pen pals with over the past few weeks.

Coleman, who is legally deaf, was contacted on Twitter by the father of nine-year-old twins Riley and Erin Kovalcik, both of whom are hearing impaired. The father passed along a heartwarming letter Riley wrote to Coleman after seeing a Duracell commercial in which Coleman starred that highlighted how he overcome his deafness to play in the NFL.

Coleman later responded to Riley’s letter with one of his own — also passed along via Twitter — and finally, Riley and Coleman had the opportunity to meet.

Riley and Erin were being interviewed for a profile on “Good Morning America” when none other than Derrick Coleman strolled in, surprising the girls to no end.

Via ABC News:

For Riley and Erin, getting to meet their hero – who wrote a letter back to Riley, calling her “a friend who I have so much in common with” – was only a dream.

“I would probably just run past the security guards, under their legs,  right past the security guards…[and] jump on top of him,” Riley said, when asked how she would react if her dream came true.

Luckily for Coleman, in reality, Riley was too starstruck to run after Coleman when he appeared just moments later, in a surprise meeting captured by “GMA” cameras.

“Oh my gosh, are you really?,” said a stunned Erin.

Coleman taking time from his pre-Super Bowl schedule to meet with the twins was only the first surprise he brought with him.

“On behalf of Duracell, we want to invite you guys to the Super Bowl,” he told Riley and Erin.  “You and your little brother, your dad, your mom…come watch us play.”

“Really?” and “Seriously?” were at first the only words the twins could utter, before eventually giving their hero a hug and a “thank you.”

Awww … that’s too, too sweet. What a thrill for those young ladies. And Derrick Coleman is a class act by any and all measures. How kind of him to take time to give these two girls a memory that will last a lifetime.