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It’s the ‘Year of the Horse’ on the zodiac calendar which apparently bodes well for Denver Broncos


On Friday, the Chinese zodiac calendar flips over to a new year, and wouldn’t you know it? Just in time for Super Bowl XLVIII, the transition into the new year also means that we are entering the “Year of the Horse.”

The Chinese Zodiac calendar operates on a 12-year rotation of animals, meaning it is only ever dozen years the horse makes its equine appearance.

And given that the Denver Broncos are playing the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, this shirt into a new zodiac year must bode well for the the Broncos, right? You know, horse, Broncos? It’s not the “Year of the Bird,” after all.

People are always looking for some edge, some sign, some indication of how the Super Bowl will play out. Why not rely upon the Chinese zodiac calendar?

Benjamin Hochman of The Denver Post has a compelling writeup regarding the possible otherworldly and spiritual implications of “The Year of the Horse” and how it may impact the outcome of the Super Bowl.

Hochman interviewed an individual who possesses some knowledge regarding the Zodiac calendar and this what follows is that man’s assessment.

“So, if your team is the Broncos and it’s the Year of the Horse, that is good news for you — I think it’s a good omen,” explained Denverite Greg Sobetski, who lived in China for a year after studying international relations as an undergraduate and international economics as a graduate student at Denver University.

“I think it’s the best possible year for the Super Bowl to be played. I think that you have the Year of the Horse, tying in the Broncos and their ‘Time To Ride’ theme. I think we’re going to ride into New Jersey and kick some Seahawk butt.”

Hochman also notes that Broncos head coach John Fox was born in a “Year of the Horse.” Same goes for offensive coordinator Adam Gase and veteran cornerback Champ Bailey.

Weird stuff, man. Throw in how Peyton Manning has a horse head and the signs are impossible to ignore. Kind of. Well, the signs re easily ignored, but you know.