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US Olympic bobsled suits leave little to imagination, as illustrated by Lolo Jones’ posterior (pic/vid)

Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones took to Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday to showcase and debut the bodysuits the US Olympic Bobsled Team will sport in Sochi, And as anyone with a functioning pair of eyes can attest, the unis are skin-tight and leave very, very little to the imagination.

The selection of Jones, a polarizing figure even before her foray into bobsledding, as a member of the Olympic bobsled team was met with some consternation, with some of her teammates going public with criticism, arguing in no uncertain terms that they believed Jones was added to the team simply due to her fame.

Other teammates came forward afterward to defend the selection of Jones. One of those ardent defenders was Elana Meyers, who makes an appearance in the below video in which Jones zips up the bodysuit in an overtly jokingly seductive manner.

From the looks of the photo below, Jamie Greubel appears to be in Lolo’s corner, as she posed with Jones modeling the skin-tight uniforms.


Again, not much left to the imagination there.

(video via @lolojones, photo via Lolo Jones/Facebook)