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Note to Islanders’ Cal Clutterbuck: Smearing eye black all over your face? Not a good look (photos)


Hoo boy. The New York Islanders took to the ice at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday to test out the conditions in advance of the team’s Stadium Series showdown with the New York Rangers on Wednesday.

As professional hockey players are unaccustomed to dealing with some of the conditions inherent to playing outdoors, some players took to applying some eye black to help combat the sun’s glare.

Another thing professional hockey players are unaccustomed to dealing with: The process behind the application of eye black.

At least one Islanders player clearly had a helluva time while applying his eye black: Cal Clutterbuck. In an image that only can be summarized as “Bad Idea Jeans,” the Islanders hard-checking winger went a little too far with his eye black application, ultimately resulting in what can be described as unintentional — but still horrible — blackface.

The Islanders tweeted the above photo with the message, “Cal Clutterbuck has gone for the war paint look with his eye black.” Um, not so much. Here are a few more pics of Clutterbuck’s misapplied eye black.

Following a bit of an uproar, the Islanders passed along the following message that was relayed by ESPN’s Katie Strang:

Well, that’s a relief. And yet, what could Cal Clutterbuck have possibly been thinking?