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‘Marshawn Lynch Meets with the Media 2: Electric Boogaloo’ (video)


Marshawn Lynch again was at his best — or his worst, according to the Pro Football Writers of America, who condemned his behavior at Tuesday’s Media Day — during Wednesday’s round of the Seattle Seahawks running back making himself available to the media.

Perhaps “available” is too kind of a term for how Lynch interacted with reporters on Wednesday.

Actually, “interacted” is perhaps too strong of a word. You see where I’m going with this bit. It was more of the same.

What it amounts to is Lynch is doing the absolute bare minimum in his dealings with the media, something he readily admitted to during his latest dealings with reporters.

“I’m just here so I won’t get fined, boss. That’s the only reason why,” Lynch said, as quoted in an report.

Lynch expounded upon his stance and how the PFWA didn’t take kindly to his Super Bowl Media Day appearance on Tuesday, which lasted only just a little over six minutes, before he briefly returned to engage in a strange interview with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders.

“If y’all say y’all is a bridge from the players to the fans, and the fans really ain’t really tripping, then what’s the point?” Lynch asked. “What’s the purpose? They got my back. I appreciate that. But I don’t get what’s the bridge being built for.”

Fair enough and simply stated, much like what Lynch said to his teammate Robert Turbin at the end of his six-minute meeting with the media on Wednesday as he attempted to get the hell out from under the media’s prying eyes.

“Turbin, why you blocking me in, bro?” Lynch said before cracking a smile.

Simply put: This guy is awesome. To further illustrate just how awesome Marshawn Lynch is, here’s how Liz Smith of Seattle’s ESPN 710 described Lynch’s desperate effort to make his way out.


Fantastic. Please let there be video of that scene.