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Marshawn Lynch’s Super Bowl Media Day interview with Deion Sanders was something (video)


Rumor had it heading in to Super Bowl Media Day that Marshawn Lynch, arguably the most media-averse NFL player, was contemplating skipping out of Tuesday’s circus sideshow entirely.

But as Seattle Seahawks teammate Michael Robinson noted, the running back “likes money” and the threat of being fined $100,000 for flaking on the mandatory event apparently dissuaded him from skipping it.

So, there was Lynch at the podium on Tuesday, and while he was affable, for lack of a better word, he looked and sounded less-than-thrilled about it.

“I won’t be satisfied with all this until it’s all over,” Lynch said, according to an report. “That’s when I’ll be satisfied. But until then, I got work. I appreciate this, but … ” And that’s when Lynch sauntered off the stage.

Lynch may have still run afoul of the NFL’s Media Day policies as the running back stood at the podium and field questions from the throngs of reporters for only 6:21, according to one media member’s count, not the one hour required by the league.

But Lynch may have worked his way back into the NFL’s semi-good graces by making a repeat appearance out among the media types. Approximately one half-hour after making his exit stage right (not sure if it was actually right), Lynch reappeared and engaged in an odd, somewhat evasive and completely bizarre interview with NFL Network’s Deion Sanders.

Wait. What? Here’s the transcript of the interview in its entirety, thanks to’s Kevin Pantra.

SANDERS: How you doing, big fella?

LYNCH: Smooth.

SANDERS: You look good.

LYNCH: (Expletive), you do, too.

SANDERS: You look good.

LYNCH: (Expletive), you do, too.

SANDERS: You all right? I like when you got off the plane with the Beast Mode (sweatshirt) and everything. You look like you’re ready to play, man.

LYNCH: Yup, that’s what time it is.

SANDERS: You camera-shy? You just don’t want to talk, really.

LYNCH: I’m just about that action, boss.

SANDERS: You about to go get it. You just like to do.

LYNCH: That’s what it is. I ain’t never seen no talking winning nothing. Been like that since I was little. I was raised like that.

SANDERS: Well I respect it.

LYNCH: I’m gonna get it. Don’t need to talk about it.

SANDERS: You excited about the game?

LYNCH: Hell yeah. Yeah!

SANDERS: See these are real emotions.

LYNCH: Yeah, that is.

SANDERS: It’s on your back. They feel like if they can stop you, they can stop this team.

LYNCH: Well they’re gonna have to stop all of us. You feel me?

SANDERS: I feel you.

LYNCH: I’m a beast to it, but, we got some dogs.

SANDERS: You don’t like podiums, do you?

LYNCH: No, it ain’t my thing.

SANDERS: What is your thing?

LYNCH: Laying back, kick back. Mind my business, stay in my own lane.

SANDERS: So you just gonna sit in the cut and just chill? That’s what you’re doing?

LYNCH: Just kick back. Game time though, I’ll be there.

SANDERS: What you like about this week?

LYNCH: What I like about this week? This whole experience, you know. Being able to have this opportunity.

SANDERS: Anything surprise you?

LYNCH: Yeah, being here. Just being here.

SANDERS: It’s huge.

LYNCH: It is.

SANDERS: It’s what you dreamt of.

LYNCH: It is. And it’s right here in front of me, too.

SANDERS: You brought the whole family?

LYNCH: They on their way. Yeah, Town Business gonna be in the building.

SANDERS: Marshall Faulk loves you man.

LYNCH: That’s huge. That’s huge. That’s a great, too.

SANDERS: He respects you and he loves you. He loves your game. We all love your game, man. We love Beast Mode.

LYNCH: That’s big time. Beast Mode love and appreciate that.

SANDERS: I’m gonna let you go, man. I’m proud of you, man. Thank you for that. God bless you.

Alrighty then. Shoulda asked him about Skittles.

(video via Business Insider)