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Broncos safety Mike Adams says he will hitchhike to Jersey hometown if Denver wins Super Bowl


Whether or not he actually goes through with it is one thing, but according to safety Mike Adams, if the Denver Broncos upend the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII next Sunday, he intends to hitchhike to his hometown. Right after the game. In his pads, jersey, everything.

“If we win the Super Bowl, I’m going to keep my helmet and pads on and I’m walking home,” Adams insists.

Granted, the journey between MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J, and Adams’ hometown of Paterson, N.J. isn’t a cross-country affair — reportedly only about 12 miles along the Garden State Parkway — it would still be quite the trip and definitely one of the most unusual post-Super Bowl victory “celebrations.”

Adams says the crime-ridden Paterson — also the hometown of New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz — isn’t the “Happiest Place on Earth,” as Disney World — a more typical destination following a Super Bowl win — is called. In fact, Adams says his hometown “can be almost like a cancer,” according to a report in The Denver Post. “And I say that because the negativity in that place can be like a snowball rolling downhill.”

Still, Adams, as a way to pay tribute to his hometown and help serve as a sobering reminder where he came from — not to mention to illustrate just how far he has come after making it to the NFL as an undrafted free agent 10 years ago after playing college football at Delaware — the Broncos safety insists that’s the plan should he and his teammates experience Super Bowl championship glory.

And the trip will begin as soon as its over.

“After I get to the IHOP on Route 3, I’ll start hitchhiking,” said Adams, laughing. “But they’d probably think I’m just some crazy person.”

Yeah, should his plans come to fruition, that probably will be the case. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t do it.