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Photo of fans sleeping at Pro Bowl the most Pro Bowl photo of all (pic)


Pro Bowl? More like “Pro Bore,” amirite?

In the interest of total disclosure, I did not watch one second of the Pro Bowl on Sunday. In fact, I had forgotten it was even on. I was far too busy with far more intriguing pursuits to attend to as I had a just-painted wall that had completely captivated me.

In a way, the fact that I was transfixed by watching paint dry meant I was exactly the kind of potential viewer the NFL covets with its annual showcase of uninteresting, meaningless and horrible football. So I guess it is a shame that I missed out on the riveting Pro Bowl action.

And still, that hallway wall? Enthralling stuff.

I couldn’t even tell you who won or who lost the game between teams drafted by Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders. I guess that means we all know who the really winner was on Sunday.

Oh, and those two folks pictured in the above photograph? They’re winners, too. Nap time is the best time, no matter when — or where — one can find a suitable spot to catch some Zs.

[Pro Football Talk, image via @davidcanter]