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Young fan compares Richard Sherman to ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ in handwritten letter (photo)


On Thursday, we posted a video of some children imitating Richard Sherman’s post-game interview with Erin Andrews following the NFC Championship Game and argued how much more adorable the Seattle Seahawks cornerback’s frenetic meltdown appeared when interpreted by kids.

Not only that, lest us forget about the wonderful back-and-forth that ensued between Derrick Coleman and a hearing impaired fan after the young girl penned a heartwarming letter to the deaf Seattle Seahawks fullback.

And now comes news that a young Richard Sherman fan ingeniously explains the corner’s character by likening him to “Wreck-It Ralph,” the main character of the 2012 Disney film voiced by John C. Reilly.

On Thursday night, Sherman retweeted the handwritten correspondence, tweeting, “Best thing I’ve seen all day… I’m glad this little guy gets it.”

For the Win did its best to transcribe the letter, guessing at some of the copy as the edges of the letter were cropped-off in the tweeted image:

Richard Sherman reminds me of Wreck It Ralph because people think they are both bad guys but they are both really good guys. They are both nice to [unknown] and really smart. Richard Sherman is smart. He went to a good school. He studies football. He saved the game on Sunday. Wreck It Ralph is smart too. He saved Sugar Rush and saved the day. Richard Sherman is nice. He visits sick kids and is nice to [unknown]. Ralph is nice to Venelope. She is a kid. Like they said in Wreck It Ralph, just because people think you are a bad guy doesn’t mean you are a bad guy. I love Richard Sherman and Wreck It Ralph.

Cute. A little “drawering” of Richard Sherman and the little boy increases the adorableness of the letter dramatically.

It’s to argue with the youngster’s character assessment of Sherman, nor can we question is knowledge of the titular character of his particular Disney film. Write what you know, as the saying goes.

But if you ask me, if one were to liken Richard Sherman to a Disney character, a more logical comparison would be “Beast,” from, of course, “Beauty and the Beast.” Unpredictable, sometimes rash, boisterous and ill-tempered, but if one were to peel back the complex layers, therein lies a thoughtful, goodhearted and sensitive individual.

“Tale as old as time … song as old as rhyme…”

Yes, I have a toddler-aged daughter. Why do you ask?