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Oh, joy! Here’s an NFL-themed offering from the geniuses behind ‘Bad Lip Reading’ (video)

What a wonderful way to wrap up the work week! Unveiled on Friday, the “Bad Lip Reading” crew has released another terrific video to celebrate the coming of Super Bowl XLVIII. the

Much like a previous one — although my personal favorite is the “Game of Thrones” version –this nearly four-minute exercise features some of the best work yet, featuring a veritable bonanza of NFL stars and ridiculous inserted comments.

Among the best:

Peyton Manning, “asked” “What are some things that gross you out?”: “Umm, old folks’ allergies. That could sure do it. Or just having somebody yucky like you. Umm, denim golf jeans. Voldemort. Yes, I said Voldemort. Doo-dads that scratch the wood. Like scratchy things, you know?”

Tom Brady: “This is not a toy!”

Mike Shanahan: “I found a girlfriend for the Latin kid.”

Jim Harbaugh on what he looks like in his dreams: “Got a big Afro and stuff. A wooden leg and a weird eye.”

Just a sampling. It’s all gold, though. Gold!