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Seattle-area butcher’s ‘Beast Mode’ sausages feature Marshawn Lynch’s favorite treat, Skittles (video)


Um, taste the rainbow? In one of the odder additions to a sausage in, well, forever, a Seattle-area butcher shop is mixing up a new variety of links that features, Skittles, Seattle Seahawks running back’s Marshawn Lynch’s favorite sideline snack, as its starring ingredient.

Dreamed up by Evan Greco and Tommy Marshal, the proprietors of Blue Max Meats in Puyallup, Wash. (about 30 miles outside of Seattle as the crow flies), the “Beast Mode Hot Skittles Sausage” will be available at the neighborhood butcher shop through Super Bowl weekend for $4.99/pound.

Interesting idea, and a genius — albeit off-putting initially — way to pay tribute to the Super Bowl XLVIII-bound Seahawks — in particular Lynch. But the question remains: Intriguing concept, to be sure, but how about the execution? Are these sausages edible?

A review from food critic Sue Kidd of The News Tribune attempts to explain the peculiarly prepared smoked meat. A description also is included about something we have been told to avoid. You know the old saying about not wanting to know how the sausage is made?

Anyhoo, here it is:

For the Beast Mode sausage, three pounds of Skittles are added to 25 pounds of spicy pork sausage that’s been double ground. The smoking process dissolves the Skittles – there’s essentially no visual trace of the neon-colored candies in the final product.

But can one taste the rainbow when biting off a hunk of the sausage? You bet.

Marshall described the pockets of sweetness infused into the sausage as, “Skittles rivers.”

Greco calls it eating “smoked Fruity Pebbles.”

After munching on one of the spicy links, I think that’s a perfect description. It’d be stellar tucked into a stadium roll with a slathering of caramelized sweet onions and a dose of deli mustard. But for straight snacking? It’s still pretty tasty – even for Skittles flavored sausage.

Sounds, uh, good? The shop has sold out once already, so Seahawks fans who have a hankering for some Skittles sausage, head on over to Blue Max Meats and get a taste of the rainbow, in perhaps a way it was never intended.

Far out. It makes me wish, as a Minnesotan, that Adrian Peterson loved Butterfingers and that there was a butcher who would seize the moment and crank out a Butterfinger sausage.

I guess for my dream to play out in similar fashion to the Super Bowl-inspired meat offering detailed above, the Minnesota Vikings would have to actually reach a Super Bowl. Sigh.