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Walgreens customer provides evidence that conflicts with the ‘A-Rod is Fat’ speculation (photo)


The Internet has been having a whale of a time over the speculation that New York Yankees suspended slugger Alex Rodriguez has been letting himself go and packing on a few pounds of late.

It all started with a photo a few weeks ago when a photograph of A-Rod appearing a bit bloated began making the rounds.

Coincidental or not, a story about how a college summer league team promised A-Rod free donuts as part of an assistant coaching gig offer only heightened the hilarity of it all.

Add that to A-Rod appearing a wee bit portly while jamming with a Mariachi band in Cancun — wearing a sombrero, no less — exacerbated the “A-Rod is a Fatty Fatty Boombalatty” speculation.

And now, it looks like our dreams of seeing a rotund A-Rod spending the summer rolling around on a motorized scooter because of his ever-increasing fat ass have been shattered.

Busted Coverage, the go-to source for hilarious A-Rod photos, has unearthed online photographic evidence (posted to Twitter) that appears to refute the contention that A-Rod is on an unstoppable path to morbid obesity.

The photo, purportedly snapped a few days ago in a Miami Beach Walgreens, shows what appears to be a svelte Alex Rodriguez. How disappointing.

But hey, there’s still time. And maybe, just maybe, it’s the angle of the photo that makes A-Rod appear leaner. Because if you’re anything like me, the thought of a chubby Alex Rodriguez remains a dream worth having.