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Airline apologizes to Geno Smith over LAX incident, deems kerfuffle a ‘misunderstanding’


Geno Smith has received a formal apology from Virgin America over an incident that occurred at LAX last week involving the New York Jets quarterback and employees of the airline.

Deadspin was the first outlet to report on the supposed disturbance, and as Friday wore on, conflicting reports on what actually transpired at the airport were offered. But what did happen regardless of the cause and details was that Smith was in fact booted off his flight and ultimately was led away and escorted out of the airport by police.

Had this involved Smith’s Jets quarterbacking colleague, Mark Sanchez, you just know it would have involved improper stowing of his headband.

It turns out that Smith was not as much at fault as originally assumed and after reviewing the incident, Virgin America has issued an apology via a statement, referring to the incident as a “misunderstanding.”

The airline’s statement, via the New York Daily News:

“After a full review of the incident, we believe it was the result of a misunderstanding that regrettably escalated unnecessarily,” the statement from Virginia America said. “We’ve apologized to Mr. Smith for his experience, which could have been better — and we’d welcome him back onboard any time. As an airline that prides itself on our guest service, we take incidents such as this one very seriously.”

Well, there you have it. Talk about weird. I mean, how often is it that an airline does something wrong? Not only that, but then to apologize for such an infrequent, unexpected occurrence? Strange days, indeed.