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Here’s what current NBA stars would look like if they played in the groovy ABA era (photos)


Mandatory, the wonderful site behind that imagined what NFL quarterbacks would look like if they were bald, as well as if they happened to lead a private life as drag queens, via the expert utilization of Photoshoppery wizardry, has unveiled the magnificent results from its latest foray into hilarious photo-editing creativity:

What the current crop of NBA stars would look like if they had played during the halcyon — and hairy — days of yore when the ABA was at its peak in popularity.

Yep, the 1970s, when Afros, goofy facial hair and short-shorts were all the rage.

Of course, up top is a super-styling LeBron James. What follows below are the imaginings of how Oklahoma City Thunder scoring machine Kevin Durant, Minnesota Timberwolves sharpshooter Kevin Love and New York Knicks prolific shooter Carmelo Anthony would look adorned in 1970s garb and style.

Kevin-Durant-ABA Kevin-Love-ABA Carmelo-Anthony-ABA

Grooooovy, man. Ya dig?

Be sure to head over to Mandatory to see all the other images that hearken back to the glory days of the ABA, including ABA Dirk Nowitzki, ABA Paul Pierce and ABA James Harden, among others.

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