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Totes McGotes: Gophers girls taking selfies during b-ball game not cray cray adorbs (GIF)


Above is a GIF that highlights how a gaggle of Gophers gals took time during the team’s basketball game against the Wisconsin Badgers at Williams Arena on Wednesday night to take a selfie. As The Big Lead notes, on a bedazzled phone no less.

Sure, the Minnesota Golden Gophers handled the visiting Badgers with relative ease on this night, winning 81-68, but that does not excuse the dreadful display of self-absorbed ostentatiousness.

Regarding the title: Sorry, I had no other way to articulate my thoughts on this ridiculous GIF than to reference the Sprint commercial starring James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell that arguably may be the greatest commercial of all-time. Seriously, I laugh every time I see it. Can’t help myself. No Hottie McHotterson will ever pay any attention to these chicks.

Ah, who am I kidding? Of course they will. Totes.