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Marc Andre-Fleury, Peter Budaj nearly have goalie fight, refs step in and ruin it (video)

With the game completely out of hand and time running out in the third period, an exchange of gestures between netminders nearly led to the ridiculous spectacle that is an NHL goalie fight.

With Montreal Canadiens starting goaltender Carey Price chased out of the game after giving up five goals before the second period horn sounded, Peter Budaj came on in relief against the Pittsburgh Penguins down 5-1, which proved to be the final score of a game that was never really in doubt.

Late in the third following a scrum in front of Budaj’s crease, the Habs goaltender began skating towards the blue line, challenging Penguins netminder Marc Andre-Fleury to a throwdown.

Fleury appeared willing to accept Budaj’s challenge, but the officials intervened, keeping the two heavily padded hockey players separated.

In the end, it’s a good thing. There is nothing little about a goalie fight save for the silliness of it all, although it often is a sight to behold. When goalies fight, it looks like to turtles trying to stand on their hind legs while attempting to reign blows upon one another.

It turns out the intervention by referees may have been a saving grace for Andre-Fleury, as Budaj apparently would have made for a formidable opponent due to his particular set of skills, as relayed by the Penguins Twitter account:

Hoo boy, that could have been ugly. Even uglier than a typical goalie fight, in fact.

(GIF via SB Nation)