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Artist creates chilling depiction of Kevin Durant as new nickname, ‘The Slim Reaper’ (photo)


Bad-freaking-ass. Over the past few weeks, as Kevin Durant has unleashed an offensive assault upon opponents as he wreaked havoc upon the NBA by scoring at an absurd pace, culminating with a ridiculous 46-point night on Tuesday in a huge win over the Portland Trail Blazers.

On Wednesday, Durant continued his remarkable run, scoring 36 points in the Thunder’s 111-105 win over the San Antonio Spurs. KD now has scored 30+ points in nine consecutive games. Unbelievable.

Speaking of Durant’s moniker of record, KD (not Durantula), a new nickname is gaining some steam on the interwebs and social media:

The Slim Reaper.

“Slim” instead of “Grim,” of course, because of his slight frame. The Grim Reaper allusion because Durant is harvester of opponent’s souls once he lays his cold, dead-like eyes upon them before raining down jump shot after jump shot.

Durant took to Twitter on Thursday to express a preference for “KD” over “The Slim Reaper.”

But there’s a good chance that once he takes a gander at this brilliant artistic representation by pixelf** of what Kevin Durant would look like as “The Slim Reaper.”


Bad ass, man. Spooky, too. But remember, don’t fear the reaper. Slim, grim or otherwise.

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