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J.R. Smith does something cool, plays air guitar during girl’s halftime performance (video)


To say that New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith is much-maligned and oft-criticized — especially of late — would be a drastic understatement. Most of damage to Smith’s reputation as an NBA player have been self-inflicted wounds, what with his untying-of-opponent-shoelaces debacle, not to mention his uninspired, erratic play of late.

That makes what Smith did during halftime of the Thursday’s New York Knicks-Philadelphia 76ers tilt at Madison Square Garden.

A young performer was playing an acoustic version of “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers — help, anyone? — and Smith saddled-up beside her an provided an air guitar accompaniment to her six-string performance.

Awesome. Well done, J.R. Smith. More stuff like this certainly will help ingratiate yourself to Knicks fans and NBA fans alike.

Sure, Smith went 5-16 from the field in the Knicks’ 110-106 loss, the team’s fifth-straight, but let’s allow ourselves one brief moment of admiring something Smith did that was good, not for the most recent thing he did wrong.

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