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Roger Goodell insists he hasn’t checked Super Bowl Sunday weather forecast, is probably lying


In part to help melt away the criticism of the NFL’s decision to hold a Super Bowl outdoors in a wintry climate, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been going all-out as of late to act as if the drastic difference between this year’s Super Bowl and Super Bowls of years past is not so drastic at all.

Last week, Goodell scoffed at the continued discussion about how an outdoor environment may impact the game, from the actual play to how patrons will view the elements, referring to all the talk as “ironic.”

On Tuesday, Goodell metaphorically threw up a Hail Mary of sorts, insisting that he hasn’t even bothered to check the weather forecast for Feb. 2, the day the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahwaks will battle it out on the frozen field of MetLife Stadium in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Further, Goodell attempted to showcase his tough guy persona by saying he planned on sitting outdoors for the game, along with all the fans, not in some swanky, comfortably heated luxury suite.

“I’m sitting in the stands,” Goodell is quoted as saying in an interview with the New York Daily News. “We’re playing in New York, New Jersey, yes, I am going to be in the stands. I’m sitting outside. This is part of the experience. I will be sitting outside.”

Later the Daily News’ Gary Meyers asked about Goodell checking the forecast.

Daily News: How many times have you been checking the forecast for Feb. 2?

Roger Goodell: I have not checked it.

DN: Really?

RG: One is, I’m not sure how reliable forecasts are this far out. And two is, we have a whole group of people that are getting the best information, have the right team together, to make sure we have appropriate information at the right time. There’s nothing I can do about that. Our team has been working to be prepared for all alternatives and I’m confident they will be.

DN: Are you concerned about the weather?

RG: Anytime you have an event like this you have concern. You have concern about making sure an event that has so much interest on a global basis and so many people coming — now you add the No. 1 market, the largest stage — you want to make sure everything comes across well. It’s such an important reflection on the NFL, it’s our biggest event. We want it to come off well.

I ain’t buying what Goodell is selling. Don’t tell me that the NFL doesn’t have a fully-operational meteorological center set up in New York right now, equipped with the latest technology that is operating at full capacity 24/7. Heck, an NFL executive already admitted that contingency plans are in place should the weather turn particularly dreadful.

But keep singing that tune, Commish. Sure, you’re not worried at all about the weather on Super Bowl Sunday. How this goes off only has a lot to do with your long-term legacy and how history will view your tenure as NFL Commissioner, after all. No pressure. No pressure at all.

Oh, and one last thing. The report that indicates a storm system is set to descend upon the Northeast during Super Bowl weekend? Even if Goodell has heard about it — which he hasn’t, of course — it wouldn’t trouble him at all.