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It was a short but traumatizing run: New Orleans Pelicans doing a redesign of freaky mascot


According to a series of tweets from Grantland’s Zach Lowe, the New Orleans Pelicans have accepted the inevitable and decided to commit to a total redesign of the team’s recently introduced new mascot, Pierre the Pelican.

Reactions to Pierre being unleashed upon an unsuspecting world have been almost unanimously, well, terrified. Something about the entire look of Pierre’s head — the way in which he resembles some kind of clownish, hell-spawned demon bird (which is how I referred to Pierre when I first gazed upon the horrific mascot) — is hauntingly macabre. And evil. Oh so evil.

Little could Pierre the Pelican do to change the public’s perception of him. Try as he might, his best efforts backfired, leaving the Pelicans little choice but to make drastic alterations to Pierre’s appearance, hopefully before All-Star Weekend, which will be held in New Orleans.

Godspeed, New Orleans Pelicans, in your quest to correct the wrongs and makes things right, as they once were, before Pierre the Pelican embarked on his reign of mascot terror.

In the end, we’ll always have the memories. And the nightmares. The chilling, traumatic and soul-sucking nightmares.