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LeBron James posts unintentionally awkward photo of him and Chris Bosh’s daughter (pic)


Sometimes, things as simple as sharing an adorable photograph, despite the best of intentions, can go horribly wrong. This simple fact is abundantly illustrated by the unintentionally inappropriate photo LeBron James inadvertently posted to his Instagram featuring himself posing for an adorable photograph with the young daughter of Miami Heat teammate Chris Bosh.

While the photo seems innocuous enough, Bosh’s daughter is resting in an unfortunate location: His crotchal region. Awk—-ward.

Obviously, it was a complete accident, free of anything sinister or inappropriate. It held no meaning whatsoever, nor is there anything untoward about it. It’s just a terribly inopportune moment captured on camera.

The above image, along with the message, ““OMG I need a daughter man! @chrisbosh I’m too jealous of u bro! She’s amazing dude. #DaddysLilGirl,” were pulled and a cropped version of the photograph replaced it:

The message was slightly altered to “OMG I NEED A DAUGHTER!! @chrisbosh I’m too jealous of u dude! She’s amazing. #DaddysLilGirl.”

A truly unfortunate — and awkward — moment. And something that scarcely needs to be parsed for anything more than that: A truly unfortunate, harmless and awkward moment captured in a photo.

(screengrab via Larry Brown Sports)