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Here’s Alex Rodriguez jamming with a Mariachi band while wearing a sombrero (photos)


Alex Rodriguez has been on a Quixotic journey of sorts through Latin America as of late — he was in the Dominican Republic a few weeks back and in Mexico City last week — while his already-destroyed reputation continues to take devastating hit after devastating hit back here in the States.

The latest damage being done was due to reports that his fellow MLB players expressed a desire to kick him out of the MLBPA. Not only that, during a players’ union conference call, one player allegedly stated that pitchers should throw beanballs at A-Rod when he returns from a season-long suspension.

A-Rod, throughout his career and becoming even more frequent as the years pass — has possessed the uncanny ability to make himself look like a total idiot. He accomplishes it by the things he says through asinine comments and demonstrations of narcissistic behavior. He also does so literally by the way he often looks and presents himself, through ridiculous photo shoots (above) and the like.

His latest public act of idiocy that only makes him look dumber and dumber came in Cancun, his latest stop on his above-mentioned tour of Latin America.

Busted Coverage has unearthed several photos of A-R0d being A-Rod, including two where Rodriguez is photographed rocking out with a Mariachi band. While wearing a sombrero.

alex-rodriguez-sombrero alex-rodriguez-sombrero-2

“¡Olé, Olé, Olé!”

Great googly moogly. And how about an awkwardly articulated “Good grief!” for good measure?

Be sure to hit up Busted Coverage for additional photographic evidence of A-Rod’s escalating humiliation. You shan’t regret it.

But hey, at least he doesn’t appear to look so chubby anymore. Well, not as chubby, at least. Still kinda chubby, though. That’s nice.

(images via @alexmiranda09 and @Aleesslita)