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Oh snap! Denver company wages cornerback ‘class’ warfare over Champ Bailey, Richard Sherman (pic)


Consider this the opening salvo between the Mile High City and the Emerald City as the two town’s respective NFL teams get set to battle it out on the gridiron in Super Bowl XLVIII. And it involves “class” warfare between Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey and Seattle Seahawks cover-man Richard Sherman.

Bailey, a well-liked, respected and savvy veteran, will be making his first trip to the Super Bowl in a stellar and Hall of Fame-worthy 15-year NFL career.

Sherman, on the other hand, is a rising superstar, known for as his trash-talking — and after Sunday, his bizarre post-game interviews — as much as his phenomenal play as one of the premiere corners in the league.

Of course, this won’t be the last time a business based in one of the cities takes a shot at the opposition, whether it be about individual players, the cities or whatever other impetus to smack-talking comes to mind.

But be aware, denizens of Seattle and Seahawks backers: The gauntlet has been thrown down. By a Denver appliance business.

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