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Michelle Obama videobombs Miami Heat players with help from LeBron James (video)


When the Miami Heat paid a champion’s customary visit to the White House last week so President Obama could crack jokes and laud the team’s second-straight NBA title, Michelle Obama got in on the action, too.

With LeBron James holding a mini-basket in the background, the FLOTUS rose up and threw down, posterizing Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen and Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra.

Not only did she throw down with authority, she mugged for the camera while giving out an authoritative hoot.

Well done, Miss Obama. She’s got more game than her hubby. Which isn’t saying that much, really.

The bit was all part of the Heat’s participation in the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

Fantastic. Nice to see a Chris Bosh videobomb thrown in there. And you gotta love all of them sitting round eating apples. An apple a day…

(Video via Sports Pickle)