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CC Sabathia appears to have slimmed down quite a bit, has he shunned Cap’n Crunch again? (photo)


CC Sabathia’s size — specifically his considerable girth — has long been a prevailing topic of discussion whenever the New York Yankees pitcher is mentioned. With a weight listed at 290 pounds, all on a 6-foot-7 frame, it’s hard not to notice that the pitcher looks much different than many of his MLB counterparts. Sabathia is a big guy with a body style that does not come to mind when one considers how a well-proportioned athlete in good shape should look.

Still, the proof is in the pudding — no pun intended — and Sabathia, despite his appearance, has put up fantastic numbers during his career and has been remarkably durable.

That does not mean that Sabathia’s weight hasn’t been a source of concern for the portly pitcher, nor has it not been used as comedic fodder by the media. An ESPN “SportsCenter” commercial lauded the slimming effects of Yankees pinstripes, using Sabathia’s waistline as a set-up.

And still, Sabathia has tried to shed some of his weight during previous offseasons. In 2011, he claims to have lost 25 pounds — to get down to the aforementioned 290 — by shunning Cap’n Crunch. This blogger cannot comprehend what kind of hostile diet wasteland that must have entailed. Because Cap’n Crunch, as we can all agree, is delicious. But his decision to avoid the temptation definitely revealed Sabathia’s commitment to getting in shape.

A photo posted by Sabathia to his Instagram account over the weekend showcases that he once again is dedicated to showing up to spring training in great shape. Nattily attired in a tuxedo to attend a wedding of one of his former Milwaukee Brewers teammates (CC spent one season with the Brew Crew between his stint with the Cleveland Indians and current team, the Yankees) second baseman Rickie Weeks, Sabathia appears noticeably slimmer in the photos.

Details of the drastic change in appearance was covered in a recent column from FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal. No mention was made of Sabathia avoiding Cap’n Crunch, but the pitcher did reveal that he really hasn’t lost any weight. Instead, he’s better distributed the pounds and simply is better-toned.

One friend of Sabathia’s estimated that he has lost 40 pounds, but CC texted me Monday morning and said that he and Amber were laughing at the notion that he trimmed way down.

“I’m actually the same weight as I was last year, just a little more toned and a lot more strong,” said Sabathia, who has been working with his trainer, T.J. Lopez. “This is the first offseason I was able to weight-train and get stronger and not worry about weight loss.

“I ended the season on the DL (with a strained left hamstring) so I missed the last two weeks, took a week off and started working out in mid-October so I feel great and ready to go. I’ve been throwing all off-season like I used to do before the elbow surgery (in Oct. 2012) so my arm feels great.”

Whatever it is, Sabathia looks to be in great shape, arguably the best he has looked in his MLB career. Let’s just hope he allows himself an indulgence every once in a while in the form of a heaping bowl of Cap’n Crunch. Because it’s so darn good.