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Shaun White suffers gnarly crash during slopestyle qualifiers (video)

Last week, Bob Costas ran afoul of a large contingent of fans of extreme sports when he slammed slopestyle, a high-flying snowboarding competition set to make its Olympics debut in Sochi next month.

Costas, when ignorantly critiquing slopestyle, referred to the sport as “Jackass stuff,” adding, “I think the president of the I.O.C. should be Johnny Knoxville.”

During Thursday’s qualifiers for slopestyle, Shaun White, who should be the presumed favorite in any competition he enters, suffered a brutal crash on the course while attempting to pull-off a double-flip. White slammed into the ground, slid down the hill and remained on the ground for several minutes.

White ultimately was okay and qualified for the U.S. Slopestyle Team.

But man, oh man, that was one gnarly crash. Any sport or competition that involves such a high-degree of difficulty and can feature such breathtaking demonstrations of athletic prowess — not to mention can result in that kind of carnage — should be allowed in as an Olympic sport in my book.

What do you think, Bob? Feel like giving slopestyle a shot? Didn’t think so.

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