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Crazy crustaceans! Here’s Marshawn Pinch, the Seattle Seahawks’ hermit crab superfan (photos)


Hermit crabs are pretty awesome. As pets, the little critters are a great way to teach children how to take care of an animal with a minimal amount of work. But a hermit crab with an NFL helmet strapped to its back? We’re talking another stratosphere of crustacean-based cuteness, not to mention craziness.

That’s Marshawn Pinch for you. Presumably the world’s tiniest Seattle Seahawks superfan, Marshawn Pinch — obviously named after Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (I wonder how Pinch deals with the media compared to the running back) — makes his home at the Seattle Aquarium. With his mini Seahawks helmet in tow, Marshawn Pinch strolls about his aquarium delighting onlookers and recently, making quite a name for himself.

Pinch’s backstory, as chronicled by the Seattle Aquarium:

Marshawn Pinch is a hermit crab who has clawed his way to the top. The star scuttling-back for his team, the Seattle Searocks, Pinch got his start in chilly waters of San Francisco’s East Bay. After a stint in upstate New York where, he says, he felt like a fish out of water, he moved his shell to Puget Sound. In his very first playoff game, against the New Orleans Baits, Pinch scuttled for a 67-yard touchdown and set off a BeachQuake that was felt throughout the entire intertidal zone. He’s known for drawing a line in the sand with the opposing team, going into Beach Mode, and leading the ‘Rocks to victory with teammates such as Mussel Wilson, Richard Sturgeon and Golden Skate.

Like all hermit crabs, Pinch can be a bit shy and sometimes clams up instead of talking to the press. Instead of shelling out 50,000 clams for a recent fine, he’s coming out of his shell to join forces with the Seattle Aquarium, launch a training webcam, and share crabby thoughts with his legion of fans. “All I can do is strive to be the best hermit crab I can be,” Pinch says

An inspirational figure and fierce competitor, to be sure. “Beach Mode”. Gold.

Like all superstar hermit crabs, Marshawn Pinch has his own Twitter account. With tweets that mention how Pinch “Can’t wait to get my claws into the San Francisco 40Briners!”, along with other hermit crab humor –it is an acquired taste — the crustacean really knows how to pump up Seattle’s much ballyhooed “12th Man.”

He even has his own Facebook page, where he allows fans inside access to his wild world, like when the Seahawks cheerleaders stopped by for a visit:

Ha. You really float my boat. Awesome.

To stay apprised of what’s going on in Marshawn Pinch’s life, be sure to check out the Seattle Aquarium’s “Marshawn ‘Pinch’ Cam.”

It’s Marshawn Pinch’s world, folks. We’re just trying to scuttle around in it.