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Do you like being hated? If so, Chicago Cubs looking to fill Clark the Cub position


Want to be the most hated new mascot in all of sports? Step right up.

When the Chicago Cubs introduced the team’s new mascot, Clark the Cub, the unveiling was met with widespread condemnation. It was a strange response indeed to a seemingly innocuous little critter whose main purpose will be to entertain and amuse little kiddies at Wrigley Field during Cubs home games and make appearances at corporate events, weddings, birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.

Well, if you think you have what it takes to don the Clark the Cub costume and withstand profane insults being hurled at you from inebriated fans in Wrigley’s famed bleachers, the Cubs might just have the job for you.

According to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Cubs intend to post a job listing for what the team is referring to as “mascot coordinator” on its Job Opportunities page sometime next week. Don’t let the haughty job title fool you: The Cubs are seeking an individual to wear the costume.

Said Cubs senior marketing director Allison Miller: “The 12-and-under [demographic] has really been an area of focus for us. We have to build the next generation of fans.”

12-and-under demographic, eh? I guess that means no bear genitalia prosthesis will be necessary during the tryout in order to accurately imitate Deadspin’s NSFW Photoshop contest, an image accidentally used in a D.C. news broadcast . Probably a good thing all the way around.

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