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Washington Wizards mock Miami Heat fans in Verizon Center with ‘Bandwagon Cam’ (photos)

washington-wizards-bandwagon-cam(via @Spencer_Schwink)

You go, Washington Wizards.

There are few things more annoying than attending a home game of your favorite local sports team than the bozos who show up adorned in the shirts, hats, jerseys, what have you, of the opposing team. Now, allegiances to a specific team aren’t necessarily always based primarily on geography.

In fact, oftentimes the fan who shows up to games may be originally from another city and have been a longtime fan of the specific team since he or she were children.

On the other hand, there are the so-called bandwagon fans, and more often than not, they are easy to identify. There is no specific characteristic or tell that reveals their true colors, so to speak. There simply is some unidentifiable quality about them that makes them, well, profoundly irritating and a true bandwagoneer.

In perhaps the greatest use of the Jumbotron in an NBA arena, in, well, ever, the Washington Wizards utilized a bit that the Verizon Center crew referred to as the “Bandwagon Cam,” which singled-out fans wearing rival gear. On Wednesday night, the opposing team was the Miami Heat, a team who has seen its bandwagon reach epic proportions, conveniently ever since LeBron James joined the team. And said bandwagon steadily has filled in proportion to the tremendous amount of success the team has enjoyed in the past few seasons by winning consecutive NBA titles.

washington-wizards-bandwagon-cam-2(via @HoopsDistrictDC)

washington-wizards-bandwagon-cam-3(via @derek090)

Fan-bashing-tastic. This may be the greatest idea ever. Shame them. Shame them, indeed. Every NBA — nay, every professional sports team — should follow the Washington Wizards’ lead and do the same.

And if there were any suspicions that the Bandwagon Cam was some kind of hackneyed bit perpetrated by the Wizards, think again. A Wizards spokesperson told D.C. Sports Bog that this was not staged and that these were real people wearing Miami Heat gear that showed up to the game. Hardly surprising.

Even better, perhaps seeing fans of the visiting team corrupting the arena inspired the Wizards and its fans, as Washington beat Miami by a score of 114-97, an even better reason to continue the practice.