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Tom Brady missed practice Wednesday due to illness but don’t ask anyone about it


A bit of a tizzy ensued on Wednesday when it was reported that Tom Brady was not on the field with his New England Patriots teammates during the portion of practice that the media is allowed to watch. Speculation about what possibly could have kept Brady away from practice followed, as it turned out Brady missed the entire practice.

An injury report released at 4:00 p.m. by the team listed the Patriots signal-caller as being afflicted with “Right Shoulder/Illness . . . DNP.”

When asked about Brady’s absence before the practice participation report was released, Bill Belichick was tight-lipped as usual, barely letting on that Brady wasn’t at practice, or at the very least, acting as if he didn’t even notice (via the New York Daily News):

The closest he came to saying Brady was not on the field occurred when he was asked to recall the last time Brady surprised him.

“This morning,” he said.

What was the surprise?

“We’ll keep that between Tom and I,” he said.

How delightfully cryptic!

“I’m doing very well. It was good to be out there with the guys,” Brady said, via a report in the Boston Herald. We had a good day of practice. Glad to be back on track.”

But despite all the hullabaloo, Brady was back at practice on Thursday and attempted to downplay the severity or seriousness of his absence when meeting with reporters. He also refused to reveal exactly what kind of illness caused him to leave the team’s facility Wednesday morning and subsequently prevented him from taking part in practice. Was it the flu? A bad cold? Lupus? Please tell me it’s not Lupus!

Brady remained mum. “It was nothing. I feel great. Nothing at all,” he said.

Brady again tried in earnest to downplay the issue, explaining he’s been around and this isn’t his first rodeo.

“We’ve been at it for a while,” Brady said. “There were days I miss at practice, and you deal with them.”

When told that his absence created a little bit of concern among fans, Brady said, “I hope they shouldn’t be worried.”

Easy for Brady to say. At least he didn’t bust out a Allen Iverson-esque, “We’re talking about practice” rant.

Brady’s teammate, rookie wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins, was also mum on the issue. When asked how Brady looked in Thursday’s practice, Thompkins towed the company line.

“You’ll have to ask Coach [Belichick] about that,” he said, according to the New York Post.

Once again, how delightfully cryptic. But with the Patriots under Belichick’s watch, has there ever been any other way?