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PSA: Tom Brady desperately needs a high-five from somebody, anybody (video)

Throughout the season, countless — okay, a few (see here and here) — tragic and heartbreaking examples were discovered showing how Tom Brady has been shunned repeatedly by his New England Patriots teammates when seeking a high-five.

And while a high-five may be considered a token, innocuous gesture to some, to Brady, it would feel like a lifeline at this point, an indication that he’s still connected to the world, that he’s a human being worthy and deserving a modicum of respect. A high-five would grant Brady a much-needed sense of dignity.

From the minds of What’s Trending comes a public service announcement in the tone of the those heartbreaking commercials for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The video even features a somber and melancholy tune akin to “Angel,” the Sarah McLachlan song that accompanies those spots featuring mistreated animals that tugs at the heartstrings of even the most cynical of souls.

So come on, people — especially any New England Patriots player — open up your heart, raise your arm, extend your hand and give Tom Brady that high-five he so desperately needs.

Personally, if I don’t receive a ASPTBRHF (American Society for the Promotion of Tom Brady Receiving High-Fives) poncho or tote bag in exchange for a high-five, I ain’t interested.