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Eric Decker, wife Jessie James (who is pregnant) appear in sexy GQ photo shoot (photo)


As he and his Denver Broncos teammates prepare for a sure-to-be thrilling AFC Championship Game on Sunday against the New England Patriots, a photo spread has been unveiled in the upcoming issue of GQ starring wide receiver Eric Decker and his pregnant wife, country music singer Jessie James.

While Jessie James may be pregnant, all the photos in the eight-pic spread indeed can be deemed sexy — or at least highly sensual– in nature. Provocative, to be sure. Take a look and see for yourself.

As you can see, in the above photo provided for dissemination by GQ, Decker and James were photographed in their kitchen whipping up something batter-based — (insert joke here)…

The sultry, pregnant-ey spread is summarized as follows:

When Denver’s newly ascendant star Eric Decker isn’t wearing his Broncos uniform, he’s kicking back in jeans with his (pregnant!) country-singer wife, Jessie James, and the crew of their reality series, Eric & Jessie: Game On. Here, he sports the season’s best beat-up, broken-in, and distressed denim—the kind you (almost) never want to take off.

There is no doubt that Miss James looks great pregnant, but even GQ feels compelled to highlight the fact that she is with child with an exclamation point in the description. So there you go.

Oh, and in case your wondering: the outfit Decker is wearing breaks down price-wise as follows: “Jeans, $275, by A.P.C.. Hoodie, $495, by Michael Kors.”

Huh, $495 for a hoodie. I could buy 10 hoodies at Kohl’s for that much, albeit not quite as nice as a Michael Kors hoodie, of course. Just saying.

And imagine how many pairs of khakis Jim Harbaugh could buy at Walmart with the $275 those jeans go for? Without even doing the math — Harbaugh’s Walmart khakis cost eight bucks — that’s a lot of pairs of pleated pants.