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This won’t end well: ECHL’s Bakersfield Condors hosting event called ‘Undie Sunday’


In what has to be considered one of the more interesting — and potentially gross — promotions ever devised by a minor league hockey team — and that’s saying something — the ECHL’s Bakersfield Condors will be hosting something called “Undie Sunday” on April 13.

The Condors, an affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers, came up with the following idea: When the Condors score its first goal, fans are supposed to throw their underwear on the ice. Kind of like the “Teddy Bear Toss” other minor league hockey teams have done, most notably the Calgary Hitmen, only, you know, with people’s undergarments.

Yeah, sounds disgusting, right? Actually, there’s a sound logic and most importantly, a charitable angle, behind the event.

First of all, the Condors are asking that unused underwear be tossed on the ice, not the ones fans actually wear to the game. Imagine the public nudity, not to mention the, um, less sanitary or clean condition of some folks’ boxers, briefs or even panties.

In fact, the Condors request that unopened underwear be thrown, as it is explained on the team’s website: “Undergarments will fly better if still in the packaging … duh!”

The team will allow “Bras, boxers, briefs, ‘long johns,’ diapers, socks, undershirts, and the like” to be thrown on the ice.

The main reason behind — okay, the charitable reason … there are many, many reasons why the team has asked that worn underwear not be tossed — why the team is asking for packaged undergarments is that the team will round up all the underwear and donate the items to charity.

“In talking with local non-profits, it is quite clear that there is a need of undergarments for the economically challenged,” Condors Team President Matthew Riley said. “We thought this would be a fun way to bring attention to that fact, and hopefully raise some significant donations. Who doesn’t like to throw things on the ice? Teddy Bear Toss is obviously a great tradition, so why not start another one?”

Brilliant idea. But you just know that some inebriated cretin is going to peel off his soiled tighty-whities and toss them onto the ice. I feel bad for the ice crew — hopefully not Ice Girls — that have to pry those skidmarked drawers off the ice. Gross.

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