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It was so hot at the Australian Open on Thursday you could fry an egg … literally (photo)

The entire continent Australia is apparently under a massive heat wave — the hottest that’s it has been on 100 years, according to Australian authorities. Temperatures reportedly reached a severe 110 degrees on Thursday, which created not-so-pleasant conditions in which to play tennis, something that is presently occurring at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who was in the stands Thursday, illustrated with glaring clarity just how hot it was near the court surface … by frying an egg.

Yep, it is so hot an egg can be at least partially fried at the Australian Open. Hopefully, the common saying is the last one we see illustrated at the tournament. Having the ground break open and have hellfire spewing forth through the jagged remnants of the court would be too much.

Hotter than hell? Get it?

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