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Sleeved NBA All-Star Game jerseys are stylish and awesome (if today was opposite day) (pics)

What? Grown-ass men shouldn’t ever bust-out the “If today was opposite day” line? Come on, man.

Anyway, French hoops site leaked what the jerseys for the 2014 NBA All-Star Game will look like on Thursday courtesy of the jersey LeBron James will be wearing. The speculation that these atrocities were indeed the jerseys the league’s best and brightest stars will wear during one of the league’s premiere events later was confirmed in a tweet from Paul Lukas from UniWatch, an always-reliable source.

But take a gander at these horror shows. Talk about ugly with a capital “U.” Sure, the Fleur-de-lis is cool and a nice nod to New Orleans (where the All-Star Game is to be held the weekend of Feb. 14-16, but for cripes sake, when will the NBA stop trying to shove these sleeved jerseys down fans’ throats and realize very few people like them, let alone will buy them?

And some additional images:


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