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Pablo Sandoval denies report that he’s lost 42 pounds, but wow, he’s lost quite a bit (photo)


Reports began to surface on Tuesday that alleged Pablo Sandoval, the pleasantly plump San Francisco Giants third baseman, has lost 42 pounds this offseason.

Sandoval reportedly told reporters in Venezuela that he has dropped the considerable amount of weight.

Team sources have said that Sandoval, a/k/a Kung Fu Panda, who is listed on as 5’11” and 240 pounds, ballooned up to an approximate 280 pounds at one point during the 2013 season, but also stated he began losing some weight after hiring his brother to be his full-time personal chef. After working with his brother on managing his diet, Sandoval claimed in August that he had shed 22 pounds in six weeks.

Sandoval took to Twitter to dispute the reports that he has lost the aforementioned 42 pounds.

Well, whether it was a whopping 42 pounds or not, the weight loss clearly has continued during the offseason, as evidenced by a photo Sandoval posted to his Instagram account, also on Wednesday, shortly after the above tweets.

Sandoval’s attached message to the above impressive photo was in Spanish, but it looks like for once, Google Translate did a good job of, um, translating it:

When working with perseverance, hard work and dedication, we get the results we want and the satisfaction that they are worth the sacrifices to reach the goal we have left! … Nothing’s impossible, if we put heart of what we do there are no boundaries in the mind to stop your desire to get away overcoming any obstacle that gets in the way … thanks

Looking good, Sandoval. Looking good, indeed. Keep up the good work. Alex Rodriguez could learn a thing or two from Kung Fu Panda.