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What if NFL logos were re-imagined to make them hipster-friendly? (images)


Big, big ups to Kissing Suzy Kolber for posting the fantastic graphical work of David Rappoccio in which he imagines what NFL logos would look like if the characters featured in said logos were hipsters.

You may be familiar with Mr. Rappoccio for his fantastic site, The Draw Play, and if you are, the brilliant images below should come as no surprise. The guy has got skills, man.

Not much more of a setup is required here … the re-imagined logos are simply all kinds of awesome. Below are my personal favorites, but all 32 logos are available for viewing over at KSK. Enjoy.

tennessee-titans-hipster-logo jacksonville-jaguars-hipster-logo cincinnati-bengals-hipster-logo oakland-raiders-hipster-logo green-bay-packers-hipster-logo minnesota-vikings-hipster-logo

Bravo. Like, totally cool, man, but in an ironic way, right? I thought of this concept a long time ago but didn’t do anything about it because not doing anything about because I had tons of other things to do, which were nothing. Which is the only way to go about life. Dude.