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Jon Gruden actually used the line ‘Here’s a guy’ when discussing brother Jay Gruden


ESPN NFL analyst Jon Gruden has a unique way of talking and expressing himself. So much so, in fact, that his speaking style is the subject of a long-running series of parodies by the fellas over at Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Gruden made one of his regular appearances on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike” program on Wednesday morning. One of the topics addressed his brother Jay Gruden recently being hired by the Washington Redskins to replace head coach the fired Mike Shanahan. And while discussing his brother, parody and the real world collided. In a manner of speaking.

Yep, Gruden actually used the line “Here’s a guy” when describing his brother. As anyone who has ever watched a telecast of “Monday Night Football” featuring Gruden’s often-insightful and always-entertaining analysis can attest, “this guy,” “here’s a guy,” and many other variations on the same theme are oft-used oratory crutches for the skilled analyst.

What follows is a portion of Gruden’s comments about his brother (audio here), as transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog:

“Well, I’m really proud obviously,” Jon Gruden said. “Here’s a guy that not only is my brother, but he did it the right way. He played in Arena football, he played for Howard Schnellenberger at Louisville — that’s some tough two-a-day practices — was my assistant for seven years in Tampa, and really did double days. He coached for the Orlando Predators in the spring and coached for us in the fall. I remember one year he coached in 40 games. So he’s done it the hard way. He gets the keys to one of the NFL’s most global franchises. It’s recognized, I think, around the world. This has got a great tradition, a world-championship tradition. It’s a tremendous responsibility, and I’m happy for him. I expect him to make the most of it.”